Monday, January 25, 2010

Bricks and Roof Tile shopping!

So, we went brick and roof tile shopping on last Saturday (16/01/10) as the girls at Wisdom said it would be much easier to pick bricks and tiles once we have seen them on display. Boy were they right!! Seeing one brick on it's own doesn't give you any indication of what a whole house would look like. Having said that, there are so many bricks to choose from, we still feel a little confused.
Of course we liked the most expensive bricks on offer, but after talking to the helpful sales guy, he showed us a brick that we liked and that would go with our colour scheme. So Boral Blackheath it is! The blackheath brick is the one in the middle of the picture above.
We checked out some roof tiles as well and found that we were pretty happy with most of the flat looking grey coloured roof tiles.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year Update

Long time no news! Well here is the update. We have decided to build the Destiny home with Wisdom Homes......hence the blog title 'Destiny - Our First Home'. We have spent the past 4 months sorting out all the boring details, like the specifics around the tender and small changes to the plans.

We had our first tender meeting with Wisdom on Saturday 3rd October and finalised on Saturday 22nd of November. Long process! 6 weeks in total. We then proceeded with alterations to our plans due to the specifications of the Rouse Hill land development. We wanted to maximise the size of the house on our block so we pushed the right hand side of the house back and brought the left hand side forward. So hopefully all the rooms in the house will be pretty much the same size as the display.

The mad rush was on towards the the end of December to make the Governments First Home Owner cut off. We sorted out the final tender, pushed for final plans (which we still don't have) and finally signed the building contract on Saturday 19 December 2009! To say it was a crazy few months for us would be an understatement! Crazy, fun, stressfull and exciting all in one! With so many new things to learn the brain can get quite sore :) The builders went on a xmas break for a few weeks and now we are back on the building war path to get this paper work stage finished so we can get the building started.

We have been in contact with the builders after the xmas break and are chasing the finalised plans again. We also have a colour appointment scheduled so we can finalise and get these plans to council. We will post some some details for you when we have finalised colours.