Friday, August 20, 2010

Fo' Shizzle Dizzle!!

Getting there!!!

This part of the house will be rendered. That's why it is a different brick colour.


The house is coming along quick again.

We are getting excited that our home is that little bit closer to finishing.

It's looking good.

Lay those Bricks!

After a long 4 weeks of a combination of rain and trying to get brickies, it has finally started.

House Inspection Time!

Bayden making a house call to check out his new home.

"It's rrriiiiicckkk"

Bricks delivered!

Movement on the house is going pretty fast right now but we've been warned that there is a shortage on brickies and there might be a slight delay.

Ohhh Yeeaahhh!!!

I rock up after work and boo yaa, the roof is done!!

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Usually the bricks get done first but there was a big demand on brickies, so the site supervisor decided to get the guttering and the roof done first.

That conveyor belt is how you get the roof tiles on the roof :)