Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Council Approval!!

Well it has been another crazy few months finalising all legal details for the start of construction. We started off with the fun stuff, like picking colours, which turned out to be quite stressful. "What happens if this all looks crap?", "ummm, no not that colour this colour.", "No no no, this is much better.", "Oh, I didn't see that swatch before, maybe that is better.", "Ahhh yes, the 1st pick was the right one." So after many sleepless nights dreaming of colour combinations we decided to stop questioning ourselves and just run with our choices. There could be a million different combos that would all look great.

Next we submitted to the developer and need to make some changes (ahhh....not more $$$). Stuff like repositioning the back of the house, adding another part to the portico & adding another colour to the exterior of the house. Luckily our second attempt was successful and we were DA approved!

Off to council we went next. This was the most scary part for us, as we have been told some horror stories in regards to time delays and length of approvals. So we crossed our fingers and sat tight. We logged onto to council site to see our progress and saw that we had been submitted for neighbour notification. Thankfully we have lovely neighbours who had no objection. Much to our surprise the full council approval came through in under 4 weeks so we are now in the process of getting the builders to start construction.

Stay tuned it will start to get a lot more interesting very soon!

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