Monday, June 21, 2010

Frame is completed

Our house is really starting to take shape now with the frame completed. Hopefully this rain will we can get the bricks and roof on. It is amazing how much bigger it is starting to look now. When the slab was put down we were thinking 'This doesn't look that big' but now it is starting to look how we imagined. We also met our neighbours on the weekend, who served us some amazing turkish coffee. We are very lucky to have such great neighbours!
Framing is underway, this is the front of the house, with Jose in one of his familar poses :)
Double garage frame being constructed
This is the main living area, lesiure room, dining room & kitchen

Frame is complete, this the outdoor leisure area
Alicia with Jose's parents (Bert & Mila or Tatay & Nanay to the filos out there)

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